New audience worldwide

  • Over 100 millions impressions daily
  • Various targeting options
  • High conversion at the lowest price
  • High performance ad formats
  • Support 24x7
  • Tracking systems integration
  • Self-service platform
  • Detailed statistics


Own platform

We use our own advertising platform and SDK to sell proprietry inventory from O&O Android applications on affordable prices.

High performance format

We use one of the most effective advertising format: FullScreen banners. This format allows your ad to get the highest CTR and achieve maximum results.

Flexible settings

We offer 6 types of targeting, the option of Black - and White-lists of sites and publishers, and also provide opportunities in the tracking and management of budgets.


We support both models of purchasing traffic like pay per click and per impression. Purchase traffic via the optimal scheme for you.

Wide coverage around the world

During the day we make more than 100 million impressions on more than 5 million Android devices around the world.

Detailed statistics

We provide detailed statistics in the various slices, campaigns, banners, countries device types, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a real time bidding platform?

Price is formed on auctionroom principle, based on the current demand for traffic with the specified parameters.

How long does the moderation of the ads lasts?

Normally moderation of ads is carried out within 1 hour.

What's your best geo?

We have traffic from countries all over the world. The greatest amount of traffic you can get from Russia, USA, Brazil, CIS countries, Italy, Indonesia and Mexico.

Where will be my ad shown?

Your ad will appear to users who use mobile applications provided by our publishers.

How to add funds?

Money can be transferred to your private account using WebMoney or Capitalist.

Are adult sites allowed to advertise in your network?

No, adult resources, and the use of creative adult content within our network is prohibited.

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