We deliver the right audience to your ad campaign

  • Over 100 million impressions daily on Android OS
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Various targeting options
  • High conversion rate at the lowest price
  • High performance ad formats
  • Tracking systems integration
  • Self-service platform
  • Detailed statistics
  • Support 24x7


Own platform

We use our own advertising platform and SDK to sell proprietary inventory from O&O Android applications at affordable prices.

High performance format

We use one of the most effective advertising format: FullScreen banners. This format allows your ad to get the highest CTR and achieve maximum results.

Flexible settings

We offer 6 types of targeting, the option of black - and whitelists of sites and publishers. Detailed statistics lets you easily analyse active campaigns.


Both models of purchasing traffic like pay per click and per impression are supported. Choose CPC or CPM depending on your ad campaign or convenience.

Worldwide coverage

We sell more than 100 million impressions a day from more than 5 million Android devices worldwide. Check our traffic estimation tool to get the right audience.

Detailed statistics

We provide detailed statistics for our advertisers to drive the highest ROI per each campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a real time bidding platform?

Bid price is formed on auction principle, based on the current traffic demand.

How quick do you approve campaigns?

Ad moderation process takes 1 hour in general.

What's your best geo?

We provide worldwide traffic. Our top geos are Russia, USA, Brazil, CIS countries, Italy, Indonesia and Mexico.

Where do you serve an ad impression?

Your ad will appear to users who use our mobile applications or mobile applications from our publishers.

How to top up the balance?

We support WebMoney or Capitalist.

Do you approve adult ad campaigns?

Any adult ad links or creatives are strictly prohibited.

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